I am having a rough time today.   The painful memories of the abuse are flooding my mind!

Here is what I am doing right to heal

– leaving him

– nor agreeing to marriage with him

– not agreeing to have a child to “fix” everything

-my journalist

– research on behavioral psychology

– positive affirmations

-sleep hypnosis  with positive affirmations

-going through the motions of life and the routines no matter how little or how motivated I feel everyday

-taking vitamins

-eating food

– drinking enough water

-getting enough sleep

– letting myself cry

– body movement

– taking care of plants and pets

-taking care of myself (bathing, getting dressed, getting ready)

-going outside or changing rooms and looking out a window when the abuse flashbacks happen (watching the birds eat at the bird feeders helps

I survived abuse and now I am healing

Thanks for listening.




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