I’m angry, i’m sad i’m high, i’m amazed i’m everything all at once and it’s all too much to keep up with. WHich thought to listen to. "I am great" "but your better dead" "Go hang yourself" "Woooooooo look at that!" "Oooooh lets buy this lets buy that ooooooh looooookkiieeeee" "Ooooh food. lets eat food" "Argh i hate you i hate everything you stand for" "Urgh how could you do this to me you bitch?!" "Ooooh shiney!" "ooooh I’m made of wonderful ;)" "I can’t take this life anymore" "Go hang yourself" "go hang yourself" "i can’t hang myself i just bought aload of stuff on amazon now" "Who cares. Hang yourself" "I can’t what awaste of money that would be" "What a waste of breath living is" "Thats ture…." "But what awaste of money that would be. One day i could be great you know" "It’s not true. You’ll never be great you’ll always be a faliure. You remember what thye said? remember as your head hit the ground and all your couuld see through your blurred vision was their feet kicking at your body and you could hear the hate in their voices as they screamed "YOU UGLY! YOU FAIL" the laughter at you as failed and became humilated. "You VILE VILE CREATURE" Do you remember that? Well whatt hye said it’s all very true you know. Hell even your sister and mother think it. Ha! You failure. HANG YOURSELF" "I’ll proove them wrong. Cause look at me i’m great ;)" "No you;re not!" "Yea..Okay no i’m not. BUt still a waste of money" "HANG SELF" "Okay i will. BUt why don’t i wait for the things first have at least one look at them and one go on my new guitar and then i’ll do it" "Don’t cop out now gawd you can’t even play guitar that well you faliure! Man you can’t do anything! You can’t even hang yourself correctly!"


You may think i’m insane, i think i might just be. But my head is racing. It’s racing with all these thoughts. The painful thoughts seem stronger, but thats because i don’t like them and they’re painful. We all know the negatives tend to blind us from the positives. But ah it’s so right you know, i really am a faliure. But i’m not a failure, not completley. I’ve survived till today haven’t i? even through everything……..But i am such a bastard. Urgh i’m so frustrating. But i can fight it. But i can’t. But i will. But i won’t. Argh i give up. I don’t give up. I NEED to give up. I WON’T give up. I WILL give up. I DON’T NEED to give up. But i do. But i don’t. But Graham norton is on later lol. That will be funny to watch. Dawn french she’s funny, she’ll make you laugh 🙂 But i’ll cry afterwards. Maybe cry during to. Dawn french is a funny lady. 🙂 She’s got a good sense of humour like me. I don’t have a good sense of humor what am on about? Well i’m known for my wit. I’m pretty speedy with it to 😉 Argh i’m so frustrated. Stop it. Stop these thoughts racing. I don’t know which ones means more i dunno which one to hold onto cause i can latch onto a thought and another thought is here a second later! I can’t chase them.


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