Dare to Share
by Larry Ron kali
Sept. 30th 2007

It's not that hard if you set aside pride, leaving the games and tricks and secrets you hide.
You have a good view unique to you, with hopes and dreams of what you'll do.
With fearless courage you come alive, revealing the darkness you hold inside.
Dare to share the truth you know, and see how high and deep you grow.

We all have faults to overcome, let everyone know how you have won.
A smile works best at breaking the ice, but being the true you is twice as nice.
Give a stranger the hope of growing today, and you've made a new friendships along the way.
Dare to share your sense of care, to open new doors everywhere.

Encourage friends to believe even more, they'll know who to credit with the score.
Take time to help the lowest get up, it's not about the money you put in a cup.
We all climb a ladder one step at a time, be mindful of those who are coming behind.
Dare to share your heart and your soul, it's loving each other that's the worldwide goal.

Carefully consider the tone of your voice, it rings intention and manner of choice.
Our paths often cross with hardly a glance, give into your kindness give other a chance.
Talk about our wonderful qualitiy of life, not what we have seen of bitterness and strife.
Dare to share the hope you hold, of a kingdom that comes with streets of gold.

From our beds we rise and alone we stand, our every living moment is in God's hands.
Shall we try to get out and do it our way?, or shall we rest with assurance being happy to stay?
We have one chance in our lives to live, what we love to have is what we have to give.
Dare to share what we hold so deep, and the world will never see a need to weep.

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  1. ccaruso 15 years ago

    Thank you for sharing this with us…it is beautiful!

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