Day 19. Wow, the days are going by so fast. I first wanna start this blog thanking all of the people who commented on my last blog! Thanks!! You people are all so nice here. Today was another good day. My morning classes were boring, but later I did like absoutely nothing and it was great. I had gym, but the prom is on Saturday and people were decorating, so we had the option to go outside or stay there. I stayed. And, it was lunch block so I went and saw some of my friends at first lunch, then talked to my other friends in gym that stayed there. Then during second lunch I saw that teacher that I told. He's such a nice guy and we're like friends so i go and talk to him a lot. Also, he had emailed the psychologist that morning and I needed to see if he had emailed him back. He didn't, but it's okay. Then, I actually had lunch during third lunch.

Last block was History, but my teacher wasn't there. The librarian had to sub, so we all had to go to the library. The sub didn't know what homework sheet to give us, so we just sat there. She gave us gymp and I'm making one of those box patterns. \"Smile\" If anyone doesn't know what gymp is, it's like string made of plastic that you can weave to make like key chains.

But, something really bothered me. Yesterday, when I had told my teacher, I skipped lunch to talk to him. I found out this morning that my friend, Laura, was talking about me. I guess she was like, "Why does Toni go to his room so much? It's so weird." Okay, sorry that I'm friends with a teacher?? I know, EXTREMELY weird. And I was actually talking about something important. Ughh and omg she is SO annoying. I can't even stand it. The only reason why I'm friends with her is because we used to be on the same softball team, so we know each other, she has like no other friends, and we have like 5 classes together, so I can't get rid of her anyway.

I know that's mean, but she just rubs me the wrong way. I'm sorry. And she can mind her own business.

I hope everyone's doing well!



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