I haven't been able to get on a computer for quite a while but when i was able to get on and check up on my page i was surprised. The last time i was on i had uploaded some pictures, my way of asking for help. I guess i part of me just wanted to see if any one really cared. Now i know there is good left in the world. So many of you took time out of your days to write to me with advise and sympathy. I wish i could have read them all earlier, it would have helped so much. I cant thank you all enough just for listening, and understanding. I left him about a month ago now after the police had to arrest both of us after a big fight. He found the pictures of me on the computer all beat up and was pissed. I guess i had finally had enough when he broke the computer…just so i couldn't even have friends on it. I just fought back until it lasted so long and was so loud that the neighbors called the cops. I havn't seen him since, and hope i never do again. I wish there was i could repay all of you for your kindness. You all will never know how much it truly ment to me while i read you letters and comments. I have been so much better since i left him. Still i kinda felt like i was alone and no one cared till i checked my messages. FUNNY how complete sterangers can change my whole out look on life.  Thank you all so much, if there is ever anything i can do for any of you please just let me know. I would love to return the feeling you all gave to me. Best wishes.

  1. e 14 years ago

    Hi bambi i didnt know of your problems til now when i just read this blog.Im glad things are better for u.I too have found alot of nice knid complete strangers that care more than people i know so its a nice group of people..erin

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  2. Mono1115 14 years ago

    I was not aware of these issues but I am glad to hear that you're doing better.  I know what you mean, people we've never met and only know through a screen name can make a difference, I know it's made a world of difference for me.

    Best wishes!


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  3. StephenLeaver 14 years ago

    Sure, make the check payable to Stephen Leaver, $100.00 should do it lol, Just kidding. I'm glad to hear he is gone now! Its safe to say he wasn't a good influence on your life. I hope you are able to find a guy who treats you the exact opposite of him. 

    Glad you are feeling better! Life can be incredably hard at times, but it can also be good. Keep on keeping on Bambi. Take care
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