Life……..what does it have to offer??


I dnt no, and will probably nvr no the answer to tht

all i no is tht i might b one of the rare few out of 6 billion ppl on earth tht cares so much bout the other 6 billion ppl living here

a 15 yr old OD’d down the street from me n i felt guilt…..maybe cuz i was 3-4 doors down from her house

i felt like i culda saved her, culda done sumfin mayb……but i no i culdnt have

No1 beleives me wen i say tht, but i can see y

its virtually impossible so Y??

Y do i care so much bout others??

y do i drag myself thru hell and pain caring about other ppl wen i have my own problems draggin me to depression…..

*sigh i can only find a partial answer

I cant remember enything from bfor i was 12, i cnt remember wat kinda person i was, who were me friends, wat scools i went to


All i can remember is the bullying….the constant bullying of my weight, my glasses, the way i talked….


I never new happyness, not till i was 15 mayb….i lived in a spiral of self content and hatred….i was so depressed i was shooting myself in the hed with a cap gun….desperate for sum1 to care for me

No1 ever did….my parents were divorcing and were too busy, my sisters hated me n forever faught with me

My peers taunted me and bullied me and pushed me in the dirt

and this continued for 2 long years, without such help as a councellor or sum1 to talk to

there was no1 there to help me, i was on my own……my friends constantly betrayed me just to see me get pushed over in sports n laugh at me. no1 evr spoke to me and i ddnt have the courage to do the same

after having tht for 2 yrs i got lucky, met sum ppl tht were partly friends…..n yh

and then thnks to a councellor im partly better

but no journey is evr complete, but im thinkin thts y i care so much bout others

i no wat its like to b the ground tht evry1 walks on, too have no friends, to feel like shit n to die for sum peace, to die for sum happyness…….i shuldnt exist, the things ive been thru will haunt me for the rest of my life but ill keep caring bout others n fighting for my freedon

cuz thts who i am, im a fighter, dnt quit n dnt plan too

i might b on the verge of killing myself, n i might half succeed but nevr fully

cuz in the bak of my hed……ive still got 6 billion other ppl to care bout, to help fight there probs, to be there armour, there strength, there swords….to save from darkness


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