Hey guys, I am new to the tribe and would like to share my story with you. throughout my childhood my father was in and out of jail. When I was seven my mother went to jail for the first time and then a little less than a year later got out. When she got out she was getting her life back on track. Meanwhile my father was still in jail. My mom overdosed and died. when i was eight. I then lived with my mothers parents. I go to a private school. My dad has been in jail since i was 12 and has not been out since. This started my depression. My grandparents made me feel like I was not good enough. I had one friend that kept me in line ad made sure I was okay all the time. She decided life was not worth living and killed her self. Now it felt like I had no one. When sh killed her self i started cutting. Then the cutting became taking pills. This landed me in the hospital on my death bed. Then i started feeling like it was my responsibilitiy to take care and nourish my brother ,even though we still live with our grandparents, this caused severe anxiety. I then started having seizures this is when I found out I had stress induced epilepsy. I then was bullied for my condition and i gained some wait from the crappy hospital food i was eating. This also prompted bullying. Since I was being bullied I stopped eating all together and was diagnosed with an eating disorder. I joined the tribe to help with my stress to lower my epilepsy and to help me to keep going  and to help me overcome and manage my depression and to get out my anger and sadness. thanks for listening.


  1. mamajoe 2 years ago

    Thank You for sharing Your story with us how ever we dont take it for granted please do not give up try as much as possible to forgive Your parents so that you can live stress free Regards Mamajoe

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  2. Author
    avery36 2 years ago

    thank you so much mamajoe

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