So I’m kinda wondering if anyone does this but I tend to daydream a lot. I’ve been doing this for a long time and I’m pretty sure people think I’m crazy. Anyways I kind of sit in my room or computer and imagine situations in my head. Like anything, mostly what i wish my life could be like. I did research on it and there’s this thing called maladaptive daydreaming. It’s when people daydream and it can be a way of coping from loneliness. So I know no one will really come out and say that they do this cause it’s embarrassing but I do do it and I’m wondering if I need mental help or not. Thoughts?

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  1. 612nan 4 years ago

    I daydream a lot too, I either make up scenarios or replay the good ones…I think it might be loneliness or maybe just boredom

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