Ok this is more of a rant to try and get all these feelings outta my system since other methods didnt work. i hate how everything bad happens all at once and you jsut end up going in a cycle all the bloody time. like atm i have like 2 essays due in a week, one i havent even started, the other i havent started writing and i have heaps of other work due and im way behind, so alllllll of that is frustrating me and im stressing out over that heaps. then my mum is frustrating me cuz she wont let me have any independence at all. even tho i have my licence, she still insists on being with me when i drive, so consequently i have to wait around for to pick me up and she makes me later and stuff. then i have usual boyfriend troubles when i am always fighting with him and i hate it so much, i wish we coul jsut see eye to eye but we cant anymore and im soooo scared he will dump me or sumthing. so then that upsets me and i cant concentrate on work cuz im busy crying or sumthing and then of course i get even further behind on work, and thus the cycle continues. sometimes i really just wanna run away from life and not have to worry about work, relationships or how i look or nething. but im too sensible for that and i hate that as well. and theres no cure for these problems anyway. ppl jsut say, concentrate on one thing at a time and you will get it done, news flash! that doesnt fuckin work for everyone. i dont know how to not look into the future at everything, if i didnt id realise that 2moz i have sumthing due and i wouldnt have done it. but yea i dunno if this is what blogs r for but im gonna use it for ranting like so. but yea i have to go now and TRY and do work, wish me luck.. 🙁


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