.. so I kinda feel like this is stupid but idk why I’m still gonna write this… just join this like a week ago and just kept reading what everyone else was going threw and just figured maybe I don’t need this shit…. honestly I’m alone in my life.. idk where to go or who to go to anymore… I’m 23 years old and I work 2 jobs.. which means I have no social life really… and on top of that I drink myself to sleep everyday… I can admit on some site like this that I’m a addict.. but in real life I could never say that I am to anyone in my life.. even when people try to help me I kinda just tell them I’m fine or get mad… idk why… I’ve been threw so much that when I take drugs or drink I just don’t care if I wake up the next day.. most days I hope not to… this year has been hard.. my girl cheated on me and I basically just been doing anything I can to get my mind off it… I’m not much of a talker so when a girl likes me I figure maybe this is the one.. she seemed like the most perfect women in the world.. and after that I feel like my life has crashed down.. and on top of that I’ve been having nightmares at night of my child.. won’t say exactly what happen to me but it’s been haunting me since I turned 20 and still till this day… I honestly don’t know if I wanna change my addiction or my life… I almost accept that it’s ok… honestly the only reason I’m writing this is cause I’m drinking… idk Who to go to since I’m always working or just staying home and drinking…. if anyone has advice, just trust me I’d listen…


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