"I do not care,you cannot do anything,you're just a child you should not talk like that,go hide in your room like the child you are,eat their shit maybe you will get smarter." Mothers are suppose to love you, accept you for who you are not what you are, mothers are suppose to try to understand you ,compassionately support you, forgive you when you do something wrong, teach you life lessons but she has done none of these things.I'm tall/she's short,I don't need exercise to keep my figure,she has constantly struggled with losing weight,I was born in America/she was born in Laos,I believe in treating all sentient beings with equal love,compassion and respect earned not given/she thinks only "adult humans" deserve respect because of age or titles and everything/everyone is beneath them and not worthy of equal treatment.My feelings,opinion doesn't matter because I am labeled a child that always talk back even when I'm right,the wives of my uncles somehow qualify because they are straight from Laos and " typical submissive housewives"so they "know their place"I never ask for money/she spends large amounts of money for the narcissist wife that doesn't want to learn English to get a real job so she's cooking at home and sells food to the Lao stores using my parents AND they bet on the lottery I saw her pay a lady $100+ for "the lottery" I don't know what it is exactly they're betting on.I love learning new things while using the internet,she has been here since she was a teen and she still refuses to improve her English vocabulary or grammar and doesn't care about anything except Laos,I want to learn about all cultures,she doesn't care unless it's Laos,I dedicate my time to the cousins' education like teaching good hygiene,eating/drinking right,manners,ABCs,numbers,she avoids them once they start school because "they get Americanized." I want to find a job again quickly,I can't find any peace when she's here.I am so thankful I am loved,supported by such a wonderful,patient boyfriend,I was afraid he'd get tired of me because I still have no license/car and quit my job after 3 days,but he was so patient and understanding.I still believe I was a "mistake" because of the family history of not taking precautions when it comes to sex and how she treats me proves it.


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