i’m totally depressed. it started around the 15 of last month. and has just been getting worse.

what started it all was i was putting my bro’s day book away and my name caught my eye. it had said  ask forgivness from ##### for what idid. he wanted to take me to his psycologist the next day to do this. but i came down with the flu during the night and couldn’t go


after he brought us back and stayed the night. he               was leaving at noon, he came to say goodbye to me and he kisses my cheek just tooo many times.  that gave me an eirei feeling.which i didn’t like.                               that’s when the nightmares started.

   in my dreams he was doing things to me far greater than he actually did to me in real life.

the other one is real.    we were moving and my little sister we life with a babysiter,. all of asudden i could hear my name being called from the bathroom. wanting to know if i wanted to pet his bunny rabbit. i took off and locked myself in my room all day till they got back.

the other thing that has poped up now is we arre having mom’s funeral.                that keeps going through my head over and over again.

i think i’m just going crazy.    i’m just waiting for the next soe to fall.



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