I’m feeling really disconnected from life atm. my life is pretty shit right now. i have exams coming up and other assignments coming out of my ears and im way behind on everything. i am basically fucked and im really stressed out about it. but right now all thats sorta come together and im thinking ‘whats the point in life?’. i mean we r born, we grow up, kids tease us at skool, we get overloaded with work at school, uni, college wateva or spend all our time working a crappy job to pay d bills, and both result in a lack of a social life, for people like me neway who cant seem to balance the two. we then move on have a family where kids r an annoying burden, or we work our arses off again trying to pay bills n save up for retirement of kids education. we then get old and incapable of caring for urselves. those around us die and eventually we follow. and thruout this whole life ppl always hurt us and break our hearts. so yea im thinking, whats the point. my life atm is shit, i dont see the point in living. its not like im gonna find d cure to cancer or nething so y am i bothering to still b here? im feeling really disconnected from life. its just not clicking with me. each day atm just consists of me getting up early n tired to do hwk, which i hate doing, dont understand, n get distracted n den dont get much done which den results in me being upset n usually crying cuz of how fucked i am. i dunno i just feel odd atm i guess. i’m not looking forward to the future. i dont see myself getting ne better. i see the future as sumthing to dread. i kno in the future my family will die and leave me, i kno my bf will dump me eventually, i kno uni will stress me out and i will get lonelier. i want to have a successful high paying job, a great husband n wonderful kids. but thats a dream and dreams dont come true. so y am i bothering?


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