I finally fixed all of my old problems where I believed I was pregnant because I skipped my period and everything. It turns out that I am NOT pregnant, I just got mega stressed out and it skipped for a few days, then came late.

BUT I have other issues now.

One. (Yes, there’s more than one, but I promise I’ll try and makke this as short as possible.) My boyfriend and I have been going out for almost a year now, but we do constantly fight because we do not see each other a lot. He lives across town and I am waiting for driving license (which I get in a month), but till then we only see each other on the weekends. I have a lot of school work and activities I do, so I am constantly busy, but text him constantly through all my activities whether they make me get in trouble or not. I write stories for him, he has his own personal book that I design the cover and write in everyday saying all my thoughts so he can read it while we’re apart, I paint and draw pictures for him, and pay a lot of money to do things early to see him more. (such as getting my license early, going to nursing class after school so I don’t have to do it during the weekends when I see him, buying expensive bus passes, etc.)

I know that he does much for me. He stopped smoking, drinking, cutting, and drugs. He use to be a failing student in school and now has an incredible education.

I feel I’m doing all the work. We broke up a few days ago because he was saying that I needed to be more open with him. In my defense, I tell him more than I have ever told anyone and I told him this and also that I cannot change over night. He said that he’s been waiting since the day he met me for me to be open and I said well I’ve been improving greatly, but he’s not satisfied.

We broke up. And I miss him.

He came back to me saying that he was going to try harder and everything, but I don’t really know what we have to do about all of this. I mean, when we are physically together we have a wonderful time with no fighting or anything. Then when we’re apart for too long (usually about a week with no seeing each other) we start picking fights. BOTH of us.

We both have jealousy problems and I wanted advice on what to do about that feeling because I don’t want to be the type of girl who doesn’t want him to have friends that are girls just cause I’m jealous. I also want any advice on the not seeing him and fighting with him constantly.

I know it sounds like an obvious answer of break up with him, but I don’t want to do that. He may sound like (excuse my language) a bastard, but he’s not. He’s caring and sweet, but sometimes (too many times) does it seem that A.) I do most of the work, B.) We fight too much and C.) I don’t know what to do about the jealousy issue.

Advice??? Anyone???


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