So as the name of this blog infurres do they actually succeed? Of is it much like the tree which fall in the forest? Does it make a noise? (In the real sense yes it does, but there is just no one there to hear it. I have been given a excellent oppertunitu and if I were to tell my wide she would tell me everything why we could not do this thing…She wanted to go for a ride to night and talk so I took her for the ride..and she said something, which she has said time and time again…but has never acted on it….so I figured she was still talking and apperantley she was not….as if I am supposed to read her mind….she is full of self esteem problems but I attempt to build her up then she will throw it back in my face…I have done this for many years…and it is just getting worse…I do not know what to do any more…she will not seek professsional help when I have made the appointments she cansels them..and so the story goes on…every body in the world is mean to her if you listen to her when in actuallity dhe is the one who is mean to everyone who does not se things her way…I do not know…I cannot kep going and growing when I am being pulled back by her…I make great strides in school…and I cannot say any thing because she gets mad at me and will not listen…so what is she going to say when I am getting the managers slot at work…she will only blow up and get mad…and then try to blame it on me just being mean to her…I have nothing because she gets it all….I am nothing because she id the only thing that matters…what am I to do?

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  1. Deeprhatt 13 years ago

    Thanks Janet, at  first I thought that because my mother and father were together until my father passed away, that it is the way it is supposed to be…but mom and dad were kind of old fashioned..and from what I can see my wife is well in it for her self….I have really done a lot of soul searching and what I have found is basically what you are saying…IF she really loves me she will follow with what I am doing….if not then what have I lost???? well I have lost nothing but a lot of Negativity….I have gained my life back and will gain the self assurance that I am what I want to be and will be more successful than I could have ever imagined….Thanks for your reply it reassures me that I am not as scerwed up as she has been telling me I am…



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