I don’t know why but I am always worried that people hate me. It sounds stupid to say it out loud but this really triggers my anxiety. If someone doesn’t reply to my message or call me back my mind goes into overdrive.

Have I upset them?

Are they in a mood with me?

Do they not want to talk to me?

I don’t know why I always think this, I know they are probably just busy or haven’t had time to reply but it really gets to me. I sometimes worry that they haven’t replied because something is wrong or something bad has happened. I always seem to jump to the worst conclusion.

Does anyone else feel like this, or am I just being stupid?

  1. aquazium 6 months ago

    I do that, too! I think people think terrible things about me, when I really can’t read their minds and I don’t know, but I still think they do. Or yeah, if they don’t respond, I worry that, yeah, they hate me. It sounds so stupid but it’s how I feel, too. I try to remember that people really do care about me, at least those closest to me. At least my friends on Therapy Tribe care, even though we don’t know each other IRL. I get where you’re coming from, I’m working on it, too. You’re not crazy, and you can do this! Keep trying!

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      jessiie 6 months ago

      It’s such a horrible feeling because I know it’s in my head but I can’t stop it! I just get carried away with myself all the time. I really like how supportive everyone is on here it’s nice to talk to people who get you!

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