i'm writing this crying my eyes out. I have been in serious pain for the last 3 days. the first night i only managed to get about 3 hours sleep. Now I thought my bf loved me because he put up with my crap and how I cried out in pain which must have been annoying, but today he really let me down. He went to our youth group tonight. which is fine, and he had been in work all day again which is fine, but the youth group finishes at 9.15pm. he didnt leave until 10.40pm!! he knew how much pain i was in, he knew i couldnt stand up long enough to even go to the toilet, he knew i would have needed him home. but he decides to forget about me and talk to our friends at the youth group. which on any other day would have been fine but i needed him today. I needed him to get more throat lozenges. I needed him to get me the only I can currently swallow and keep down. I needed him home. But no he decides to stay and chat to the people at our youth group. I screamed a whole load of swear words at him down the phone. I have just about every pain known to man right now, and he leaves me. I feel so abandoned and forgotten about. It feels like he doesnt really care. I was going to text him and tell him to come home straight away but I thought i would give him a chance, i thought i would give him space to make the right decision. but he screws up again. its not the end of the world i know, and in real terms its so insignificant, but it hurts like hell feeling like I am not his first priority. now i am left asking if he really does love me at all?


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