Its been many years since I have visited this site and thought maybe I would never have to ever again but here I am at 45 years old struggling with the usual monster in my head. I am lucky though I have good medication and have access to CBT and even done a course to help myself but I got lazy and almost started enjoying my life. With my new found freedom in my mind came a shit load of drinking and smoking weed I am a business professional so yes smoking weed is a little immature for me but I like it besides its legal where I used to live. Anyway it all caught up with me and I got bad. You know what I am talking about the hopelessness the  relentless  intrusive thought smashing around in your head wondering if your life will ever be normal and no one to talk to because they just don’t get or make it worse by actually trying to help you which is even more frustrating. Anyway my wife left me we were extremely happy together but OCD just kept chipping away at us. Only as I got older I realized just how much impact it has on people around me. Anyway your thoughts would be appreciated


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