I was angry, then happy, then sad recently. So, here goes nothing.



No weary time lord

Who is God if thou shall hide

like deserted fool



My heart beats in pain

exasperated broken

lonely winter night



Mailbox frozen shut

correspondence held captive

chained in dreary day



If your lips so soft

Touched mine sinfully tonight

Would you mourn my loss?



Beauty has a name

That with time we shall decide

and your name I call



Knocking on windows

on a frosty winter day

school buses long gone.



May Grace be your name,

defined by mere beauty and touch,

never just a word.



For the wind is soft,

O! and it can be evil

like a lover scorned.



Chocolate beauty

sleeping beside me tonight

with dry snoring nose.



Goodnight confusion

goodnight endless suffering,

we shall meet again



I know of nothing

I am unaware tonight-

reeks stupidity.



I don't need a guide

for my guilt needs no solace

for this is young age.



Where are you tonight?

Fixing your cracked furniture?

One careless moment!



No daisy outside

sound of fan making white noise

whistling in my ears.




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