Yes, I’m ranting on about the dog… 

On the good side, the babysitter just delivered the dog to me, she was soo happy to have had Lotte (the dog, yes) overnight, she loves the little thingy. She even told me to ask from her husband if I wanted to go out tonight, so he could babysit Lotte again tonight… Those babysitters are SO cute, they absolutely adore Lotte, and can’t wait to have her again. They even ask me to have her for a day or two – I don’t feel I have to bug them into babysitting. Good feeling 🙂

Bad side: I was talking to a friend of mine last night, he’s got a lot of experience with dogs, and he tells me that the reason for her behaving like she does (also when left alone) is that I do not dominate her enough – she tries to be alpha in our little pack. I know he’s right, that’s probably why it’s so hard to hear. Thing is, I don’t know where to start. I know she needs correction if she’s out of line, but Lotte is a smart, sly and somewhat calculating. She does not do things that are exactly wrong, but she keeps pushing the boundries a tiny bit at the time, it’s hard to know what time is the right time to correct her. It feels hard to know that I’ve done things the wrong way, that someone is better at this than I am, because of my demands for myself to do things perfect. 

I know Lotte does not take me as seriously as I would like her to, that she thinks that she’s the leader, and the realization really bugs me. Any tips as to how I get started? I desperatly need to control this creature that I’ve taken responsibility for… 

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  1. cdnpickles 12 years ago

    Do you crate Lotte when you are not in the house?  I have 3 dogs and we crate them when we are not home.  The shih tzu chewed up a bannister once and the two pugs are just mischeif makers all the time.  They love their crates (now) they go in and sleep in them even when i am home sometimes…i do not need to worry that they are getting into things they shouldn”t or having accidents or barking out the window…i know they are safe and likely sleeping.  They go in the crates when i am home so i know its not cruel to put them there…If your dog has bad behaviour when you are not home I would suggest trying this Marriahh…hope it helps.



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