I’ve had obsessive compulsive disorder as long as I remember. My parents never knew what was wrong with me but they knew something was, I myself knew something was different about me than other kids but never knew what so I suffered all theese terrible years , ocd has ruined my life a smart boy with potential ;( I suffered through the years in school sometimes I got get excellent grades while other times I failed miserably it all depended if I was in a comfortable situation or not but my teachers didn’t know that and they told me ur a super smart boy u can get 100’s on ur grades why are u failing last few weeks?!!! what happend?!!I myself didn’t know the full answer i just knew it was a “hard few weeks full of thoughts” I had alot of depressing days , years passed and I became 15 yrs old changed into  high school in the beginning i did great for a few months everyone was like wow how do u get such good grades? But then one day it just happened: well what happened u may ask… the truth is idk i guess there was to much pressure on me the main reason was to be on time in school but as any fellow ocd sufferer knows it’s super hard when thoughts come in “hey wait ur hair isnt perfect” or “wash ur hands again” etc… and since then i started falling lower and lower dropped out of college after 2 months and I went into a long terrifying depression about 2 yrs in my life was ruined I have almost no social life except on the internet all my friends are like where r u? And I’m just oh I got a job here and there blah blah blah… but in reality I just sit in my bed crying and playing video games… finally my mom took me to a psychiatrist i was diagnosed with ocd and depression/anxiety i was given medication and it didn’t work so we tried a different medication and a different one but still it’s not really working that great … its terrible….well enough with the sad stuff 🙂 I have a baby budgie parrot she is my life !! That’s basically why I still try to live if not for her suicide would be a good alternative… plz message me if u wanna talk or have any questions






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