today I woke up at six o\’clock went to the bathroom then fell asleep again, later I woke up at about 8:30. I watched some tv till about 10:45. Then I went out to ask my granpa if he would bring me to my mom\’s house (note that my grandparents were visiting) I usualy switch from my moms house to my dads at around noon. My grandpa said sure and we got in the car and were about to leave. When my grandma shouted let me call tom {dad} and tell him your bringing caleb to Lisa\’s {mom}. So my grandma called and she told me My dad said to stay home, because we were going to the races at spartan speedway tonight. But yesterday I had said to my grandma I was going to my mom\’s today. so everything went crazy me and my dad were arguing on the phone. So he said he would call my mom and ask. So I wait and he calls me back. And he says just spend time with your grandparents. I reply "BUT ALL I\’VE BEEN DOING ALL WEEK IS WATCH TV WE HAVEN"T HARDLY DONE NOTHING!!!!!!". And right then I looked up and say my grandma peeking around the corner. Then shes turns around go\’s into my dads room and slams the door. I really didnt mean to hurt her feelings shes a nice grandma. I really just wanted to go over to my moms and spend time with my cat. Which I did for like two hours. and then she go\’s downstairs and then comes back up and has a mad/sad look on her face. Shes says something like I know what your trying to do, Then I justing sitting there thinking, what is she talking about. So I just get up go to the garage get my bike and right before I ride off I hear the phone ring. I just got on my bike and rode to my moms house. I know i shouldn\’t have left, It\’s just I didn\’t want to see my grandma cry. So I got to my mom\’s house and sat there, finaly I got over it and went and played with my cat. I decided I don\’t want to go to the races. Because if I go all I\’m gonna hear is people yelling at me. I feel really bad that I said that infront of my grandma. So know I\’m here typing this, I just gonna sit here till my mom comes home.


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