There's something to be said about falling for your best friend. Don't do it! I'm sixteen and I'm head over heels with my wrestler, man-whore best friend. I know what kind of girls he likes (and does other stuff with) but I'm not changing myself for him. He'll realize, maybe sometime before graduation, that I'm right here waiting for him.

I go to his wrestling matches (the ones I can at least), he deals with my issues. I get angry, he tells me to punch people in the face. I'm the only person who has ever gotten him to volunteer (three times), he teases me. I worry about him, he worries when I'm hyper and going to get "punched in the face." I glare at his Satanic ex-girlfriends, he sees Creepy Guy and looks like he's going to kill him. I coo over how adorable his little brother is, he's silently laughing at me. I tell him I want to punch someone in the face numerous times, he tells me to beat their ass. I lecture him for being mean, he reminds me that I'm not much better. I know way too much about him, he knows just about everything about me. He didn't believe I would go to a football game (he knows how I am), I proved him wrong by showing up and poking him (the look on his face was priceless). I hate his friends (and vice versa), he doesn't really know mine.


Despite what it says above, he's not always over-protective. He is, to an extent in certain cases, because I have been so sheltered with all of my problems and I'm still not always sure what's "real" and what's paranoia. He knows that. I depend on him a lot, although not as much as I used to. I actually met him over X-Box Live my freshman year due to a mutual friend of ours and found out we went to school together. Point is, there's a lot of sides to him. Maybe I'm not like all the other girls he knows but I do know a whole lot more and I remind myself of that when I get jealous. I mean, his "friends" don't go to his wrestling matches anyway. I do.


I'm not really sure what the point of this entry was, other than the fact that I got home from one of his matches about an hour ago and it annoys me how easily his smile makes me really happy and how his eyes get me every time.



  1. silver 11 years ago

    this is romantic. i remember feeling this way. good for you about not changing yourself. have you ever watched pretty in pink? you should watch it! it reminds me of what you wrote. sometimes i get on here and just write about nothing or just one word. feels good to say everything youve been holding back. 🙂

    good luck

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  2. alwaysawriter 11 years ago

    No, I haven't, but my Mom loves the movie. I'll look into it when I have the chance.



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