I honestly Feel like shit… After getting through two summer sessions classes… I\'m drained.. I got a week before School starts and I don\'t know what I\'m doing anymore… I fucking hate this GPA requirement thing for math and sceinces…. I honestly feel like the biggest Idiot and I know I\'m not… I\'ve been working hard… but Clearly I don\'t know what I\'m doing or what to do about it… I hate all the academic advisors at that school… they give me the crap about trying harder or I\'m not doing this or that right… THEN FUCKING SHOW ME HOW TO DO IT! don\'t just tell me what\'s wrong and not give me a hint… And try harder?!? I\'ve been at this for 3 god damn years now… I\'m trying as best as I can… I hate how they act like I\'m just a thing thaat you can smack and get working like it\'s brand new…


I\'ve been sleeping at odd hours again… I\'ve been thinking on and off about dying… now don\'t get me wrong I will NEVER commit suicide or the like because I find it to be the cowards way out and pathetic…


I\'ve been going through counselors and therapists like wild fire…. I stare at them… and tell them a bit of my troubles… and they are just people who are paid to sit there and listen… I don\'t like that… I feel like I\'m just person# 123 and even then…. I can\'t bring myself to trust them since they are paid to sit there… yet I still have a hard time telling friends my thoughts… kinda stupid don\'t ya think…

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  1. yudith 9 years ago

    I feel your frustration i feel the same way. Im a college student and i to have teouble at school. I have been trying hard to get into nursing school but i cant every year is a new requirement and im getting sick of this. I talk to councilors but they cant do nothing. They just tell me to see all this as a challenge to get into nursing school. Now i have to take more stupid classes and like you i start in a week.

    Yes im not going to lie i also thought about ending my life for other reasons but i will never do that

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