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It seems like it's inevitable.

Man is doomed to confide and be blinded in to the world we are conditioned to, because as humans we can't bear to see any different worlds that are contradictory so as to render our current world into nothing but fantasies and indignations about the individualistic beliefs of what's right or wrong.

The current world that we are in… People change, and many slowly change along with the masses. Our general beliefs keep on changing, and it profoundly affects civilizations… Their attitudes and psychology.

Yet if we were to see a view of the world that were so contradictory to our present time and how it is now… Or in a sense to see with the broadest sense of humanity, then we immediately render ourselves to desperately seek for truth. Confused, we lose our happiness and we age.

We turn to something that we can believe with absolute confidence… For some it's God, religion… and those who can't confide in religion with absolute confidence then we turn to our own spirituality.

Because as people grow… and we lose all the coaxing and sensations of our youth, and as we become more fixated to the whole world that they're living in.. People need something absolute that they can believe in.

We'll be absolutely unstable without those…

Human beings aren't creatures of absolute independence and solitude.

We are social creatures no doubt.

The search for truth is directly an opposition of blissful ignorance and thus happiness.

And therefore rather unstable.

Our society puts so much value to happiness.

I guess that's what growing of age is…

Even I am trying to rationalize myself… desperately trying to hold my grip and confide in my own view of reality. To think of it as the absolute truth…

With profound melancholy and pain we think of our changes in the mind as a result of age as an illness…. Wishing hopefully for it's cure and that it'll change as if magically as time goes on.

We are hopeless creatures… profound, and kind of shamefully sad if you think about it.

With different values and beliefs… With different views of the world… Those views might not be compatible in another world…

We all have standards… Moral standards no doubt.

But in another world where they don't agree with our standards and actually goes against it… Who are we to say what's right or wrong?

All it is that they've been conditioned to believe that way… And each of us has been conditioned to believe in what we believe.

Really to adapt to our environments… to survive…

We all live in caged confinement, each of us in a bottle till the start to the finish… Those of the highest aptitude might have a bigger bottles… And less confinements but bottles all the same.

In a much broader sense… Our morals and views of the world is irrelevant… Or their all relevant. It can only go eithere way.

What we consider right or wrong… to each of us…

This view of the world… won't apply to other worlds… and were all just products of our worlds…

People change… People changed from a long time ago till now…

If were just animals to be conditioned and confined to live from start to finish…

Then I wonder what humans really are.

How ironic it is… that I am criticizing the exact process I am going through.


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