I was in a clean hospital type place waiting for a doctor or someone to come in the small room. It had mostly bare walls and a small table and chairs. paper cups and stuff. There were patients walking around in hospital robes in the hall and lobby area, they all had downs syndrome ish disorders, but you couldn't tell by looking at them. One woman wandered into my room, and she was blonde and pretty, but sort of just looked around and waved to me- like downsy people do. And I was sort of uncomfortable, I waved back and sat down at the table with my back turned. There was shuffling and nurses behind me, they talked to the woman, like they were taking her back somewhere, then they left. I was grateful and kept waiting.

Then I turned around, and there is this lift elevator in the corner of the room, presumably for the doctor to come through. That was normal, but I saw the woman was under the elevator platform as it was slowly going down with a nurse on it. She was waving at me again, and smiling really widely. as the platform came down lower she had to stoop to wave, then it started pressing on her head and neck and she got kind of panicked, looking around, and she tried to hold it back with her arms but she couldn't.

Then she looked terrified and started crying and yelling but she didn't make any noise, she couldn't talk. Her arms couldn't hold it and her fingers snapped back on their joints, and then her elbow broke. I was shocked and didn't know what to do. A doctor and nurses came in, and a nurse put her hands to her mouth like she was horrified, and just stood there. And the doctor didn't know what to do either, he was panicking loudly and obviously wanted to do something but didn't know what. he didn't try and go near her. And she was just crushed I think. 🙁


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