I tried something different with my hair! It is what I have been wanting to achieve

The picture above is how it turned out   It is a twist / mix up on the buns or braid method combined  to creative curls and work with any natural wave!

What you need is hair and some water in a spray bottle, two hands and four hair bands! No hair products were needed for me.  Maybe if I have very straight hair, you may want to use a little product like spray gel or mousse.

Start with clean hair    It doesn’t have to freshly washed that day though

Comb hair / part hair as you normally wear it

Then divide it into two side sections

Braid at halfway down point and down to ends on both sections from the bottom.

Secure with pony tail holder with no metal.  Mist the top and bottom or the braids with water.

Now twist hair and turn each section into side buns.  Secure with hair band.

It can be left this this for hours or a whole day! It actually turns into a hairstyle in itself!

If you opt to sleep with your hair like this use a silky pillow case or silky sleep cap to prevent frizzy hair.

I hope you are having a good hair day!💇‍♀️



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