If I could speak honestly with the people in my life, then I wouldn’t be writing this on a website I’ve been apart of for too long. This isn’t depressing or have anything to do with problems I am facing. What it has to do with is the world we live in and how I perceive it.

I am a seventeen year old, I am a good listener and people quite honestly attach themselves to me for that reason. When there is something wrong they either push me away or vent to me in a way that goes too far. I have noticed I attract people that usually have mental health issues. I don’t mind necessarily, it’s nice when people are open and honest about their health. I actually appreciate it greatly.

Nonetheless, after the years of maturing and trying to find my way in life, I find myself noticing more with people. And that is what I will share with you today.

People will sometimes latch onto positive people, or at least seemingly positive people. They can sometimes attach themselves and depend on them for happiness. Now I’m not saying this is everyone, these are just the people in my life.

People can depend too much and share too little, they can worry and scare yet push away. People are complicated and mental health issues don’t make it any easier. I, of course understand that. I don’t judge people and I will whole heartedly be there for anyone who will open up to me.

Though there are downsides from that, sometimes they share too much or not enough. You either know everything or you have missing parts of the story. Sometimes it can be easy to handle, a small issue you know everything about, you give some advice and all is well. Though other times, it’s a scary situation, something you don’t know how to deal with because you’re just one person, one person who may not know how to correctly respond. You’re not a therapist, how would you know? Yet you have to try your best anyway. Then when you don’t know enough, how can you expect to give good advice from only half of the story?

Now I’m not saying to not vent to people, what I’m trying to convey here is that sometimes it can be a lot to handle from just a stranger across a screen to deal with. This of course though, is only my view and how I feel. This may not be the case for everyone.

This brings me to my main point, how I view the world.

From what I gather from the people in my life, I personally believe that the place we live in is a depressing place. There’s death, destruction, violence, and overall pain. That’s the world I see from everyone around me. Negativity specially.

But when I look at the world by myself, I see a place of wonder, hope, happiness, and beauty. The earth is a wonderous place, when looked at away from a screen, there is just much more to this place than negativity.

You can let the world of those people get you down, or you could see it through my eyes.

Now I understand that most people who read this will most likely have depression and/or other mental health issues. I know it’s hard to not see it through the sad and destructive view.

Though for me, I remember this one day in my life that wasn’t the best and I just looked up at the sky. It was random, even to this day I don’t know why I decided to. The sky was beautiful that night, it gave me a sense of calm and let me see the world of wonder for even just a few seconds. It may not be that way for everyone, but sometimes nature has a way of helping even if it’s for a short time.

In conclusion, I like to think of myself as an optimist but if I’m honest I’m constantly dragged down from the people around me. So, I’m writing this blog to reach out to anyone who thinks like me and may just want a friend that won’t vent to you.

I’ll be honest, I have some things in my life, but I’m just looking for a friend honestly. I’m not looking for a therapist.

My name is Victor and I’m apart of the lgbt community. I’m incredibly accepting so if you want a friend you can message me.

I also don’t mean to offend anyone, so if you found my words disagreeable or offensive, please let me know. I think it’s important for people to be honest and rely on people a little bit. So I beg you, please don’t take this in the wrong way. Still talk about your issues, this is just my opinion and my experiences. 

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  1. sanatee 6 months ago

    Hi Victor. You sound like a very empathetic person. I am the same way. People are very comfortable talking to me because I am a good listener and I don’t judge. So long as you recognize that it isnt your responsibility to right all the wrongs in the world it does help a lot of people and take very little effort.

    I watched a youtube video that I stumbled upon by accident and it was a very old man talking about his life and how important it is to really be in the moment, focus, and take in details. Your words reminded me a bit of his though you were looking at the sky and he was doing woodworking. Life goes by in the blink of an eye but I am happy to know that in your youth you found this beautiful bit of wisdom to share. I wish you many friends and all the beauty the world has to offer.

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