Have you guys ever just lost yourself? Have you ever been having fun, you know, just vibing and then you suddenly lose all that power and happiness. Just out of the blue? Well, if you have.. me too don’t worry. It happens to me all the time and honestly I blame depression. You know you can be incredibly happy, and then 2 seconds later you don’t feel anything at all. I used to think something was wrong with me because I couldn’t stay happy for a day. I really hope to make friends here, talk to them, share some thoughts and talk about how we really feel. See? I couldn’t tell that to my school counselor haha, it’s so much easier to type my feelings.
  1. maitee 2 years ago

    yea I feel like that too, a lot of the time it’s like someone pressed the off button to my happy feelings. And I can’t talk about it either irl, I would act like it’s all a joke so I don’t break down

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      hernandezilene 2 years ago

      me too, and sometimes you just want to scream how upset you are but something stops you.

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  2. ladoriswrites 2 years ago

    Happens to me too.. Most times I cant even bring myself to have ginuine fun because of my anxiety so the mood change is more like a build up and then boom nothing. It becomes a fight between my traumas and then here comes the water works….. Is that depression too? I end up in a corner alone almost every day.

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