Actions Speak Louder than Words

This is aimed at the minds of people who feel like they never had a chance because of where they grew up and who they grew up around – the ones who live in the hood and whose minds feel, “The hood is all I know,” the ones who feel that because of your race or gender you are being held back. This is aimed at the people whose minds believe that if they pray things will change – magically. This is for you.


 I’m here to tell you right now that we live in a world where actions speak louder than words. If you say you would like to change the route you’re currently on, you’ll never change! If you say you would love to be a lawyer, doctor, or have any other career, you can say what you want all day until you’re blue in the face. Nothing will change in your life until you put forth the actions.


We live in a world where actions mean everything. I don’t care what country you live in, actions are the solution to success or to failure. This is true no matter what you believe or been lead to believe, and I’ll tell you why. The cycle has already been built for people who live in countries like the United States. I’ll explain: although you may not see this, but the overall mind state of the country is “positive.” What I mean by that is that in this country people will help you when you need help… people will help you when you don’t need help. This may not happen as much in the hood (neighborhood), but it happens. Your job is to put yourself in the position to receive the help, so that one day you can continue the cycle that has been built. The way you position yourself is simple: you go to school. The cycle is in full effect there. Not only do you just show up for the sake of showing up, you put forth some action. Your actions should show that you are willing to be taught what is needed to survive in this country or countries like the United States.


I am fully aware that these days schools have become a fashion show and people in general (mainly young people) care about how they look, which becomes a major distraction when in the process of positioning yourself to be a part of the cycle. This is where young people become attracted to drugs. Drugs in the neighborhood is a way to make fast money. Once money becomes involved, it’s almost impossible to tell the young person anything. They begin to practice the “law of actions” in a different way.


This way is by force, with guns. These actions are no good for countries like the United States. It is impossible to be able to buy the amount of guns one would need to continue living a life of force by guns. My point is that sooner or later you will lose by way of prison or death, and that is the truth. And if you go to prison, you will have passed up the years of being young without collecting the full education which is the true key to success in countries like the United States.

Right now, if you are between the ages of 13 years old and 17 years of age, you have the chance. If you have children or brothers/sisters between these ages, you have the chance. This is bigger than being tuff, because I was tuff. This is bigger than being down for the hood, because I was down for the hood. This is bigger than worrying about what to wear to school. This is as big as life itself!


I encourage you to take action. Go to school and learn. Finish school and go to college. Walk away from what you might believe is right in these neighborhoods. I encourage you to do this now, while you have the chance to. If you feel that staying true or down for the hood is considered “keeping it real,” well it’s not! It’s actually real stupid.


I grew up in California in the Long Beach area. I was once a well known member of one of the biggest gangs in that area.  There is nothing about the hood life I don’t know. This is why I have dedicated my time to warn as many people as I can about the so-called lifestyle referred to as “The Game.” I understand how hard it may be to trust me, because I can remember when I was in my teenage years, I heard an ex-gang member speak similar to how I am speaking now. I didn’t trust him. I didn’t wanna hear him, but to this day, I can’t get past the fact that he was right.


People are already in positions to ensure your success in this country. You just have to be there. We live in a country where good things happen to us no matter what at one time or another. Even if nothing good has happened to you yet, keep living – something will. This is because of the overall cycle which is in motion. There’s a cycle in motion within the hood, but its outcome is death or poison and, at the very least, sprang out of drugs. This is no way to live when we have the opportunity to become anything we want to. I encourage you young people, don’t get caught up in worrying about what to wear to school, if it looks nice or not. Don’t get caught up in not having the latest shoes, because I promise you this, it will be plenty of time for that once you have finished school and have the career you wanted. I encourage you to join the majority and be part of the solution and not the problem.


This is a country where actions speak louder than words.


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