Today is the last day of break….. and i'm sick. so i get to go back to school with a runny nose and an aching body. but i'm just happy i had a break. now there's only six more weeks of school for me…

i have accoplished some things. i managed to scar the minds of some young children when i had my cousin teah my other cousin and i how to twirk. why we want to now?…. is something i would also like to know. i managed to have two of my cousins lose ten pounds by laughing. the power of perversion is strong. none of us can finish a sentence without someonebusting out laughing cuz the thought dirty. and spongebob pinatapants was brutaly murderd and ripped to shreds and had little children eat the remains of his stomach. but sadlythat was all in one day. the time befor that was just boredom and work.

i was finally able to buy my mom the baby Jesus she's always wanted. didn't have to spend that much on it either. if my dad wasn't there telling me no, i would have gotten him his little chair as well. but i guess i can save the money i didn't spend and save even more to get the animals,chair, crib, outfits, Mary and Joseph, and the little barn/house/shack/thing that it needs. and to get a leg.

yes i know what you think. A leg. a little figurine of a leg. why? cuz Saint Martin is our family Saint. He saved my dog, now my mom is praying to him so he can stop the chronic pain i have in my knee. and so there for i need a leg to give him to thank him for taking the pain away, when he takes it away.

Now what i need to do is find a Santa Cecilia. protector of musicians and Patron Saint of the blind. She is much needed in our home. thast is why a was confimed as Cecilia.

any who……. good times have passed. back to boredome.

i am in need fun………….. and freinds. i have non on campus.

i'm sick……. randomness shall continue… onto the web!!!



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