Well here I am again and I am still packing but I don't think I will get it all done.  My movers want to move me on sunday but I think I am going to call and tell them monday.  Finally heard from my new landlord and we worked it out about the stove and he will drop the rent to 475 a month and it would be paid in a year.  I am going to make it if it kills me.  I will have my new phone and internet service hooked up on Tuesday and hope that I can find my modem in all this mess so I could get back on the internet to talk with all.  Sunday or Monday morning will be the last I will be on until I get things together so I am looking at maybe Wednesday to be back but I am not going to hold my breath.  The way things have been going for my this year, I am possibly going to hit another brick wall.  I have Murphy's law on my side but God will help me through all this.  Looked in a few plastic totes and I marked the one that has the modem in it as long as I can get at it easy.  Have a nervous stomach and I know it is just because of the move and praying that my housing get approved for this place and things start to work out and start a smooth road, no more bumps for awhile.  Why I do this to myself is unreal.  Think I am going to start back on pills again to help me calm down.  I always had to have every thing almost perfect and boy is it hard to break that habit.  Actually with all the bumps I hit this year I had actually stopped cleaning so much and I don't care and long as it looks neat that is all I care about.  Maybe tomorrow I will treat myself to pizza or fast food which I haven't done in almost two monthhs.  I watch every penny I spend being on a fixed income and not knowing what is going to happen next in my life.  Well I am going to go and take some breathing exercise to get myself calmed down some more. Thank you God for being by my side.

Thank you all for your comments.

God be with all DT

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  1. ancientgeekcrone 12 years ago

    Keep up the Good work! 

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