So, I'm back from my amazing two days at Alison's house. The time flew by so fast. I just got home about a half hour ago, and I already miss her. But it was fun. So, Let me fill you in on what went down. Okay.. So Yesterday, Alison and I went to Qdoba and ate Nachos. It was very fun, and very filling. I never had nachos like that. I think I will always remember going there with her. The reason because, is probably since while we were there, a younger girl started crying. Frustrated slightly, but not showing it, I decided to make light of the situation, and pretend I was crying along with the little girl. Only, I did not make a sound. I used the little girls cries as my voice. Alison found it very funny. Later that evening, Alison and I went to Walmart and got mini tubs of ice cream to sooth our cravings. We also went to Meijer for even more. Night air filled our side of the world, as Alison and I arrived home. We then rented the movie, Insidious, and watched it while we ate our delicious ice cream. I was worried Alison would fall asleep on me, but it turns out, I accidentally fell asleep on her. The next morning I felt bad, but she said it was okay. Later on that day, Alison and I found ourselves home alone as her dad left to go get a trampoline. While her and I bashed ourselves with put-downs for not being showered, Alison threw out the idea of us taking a shower together. So we did. I wanted to, but was nervous. I didn't let Alison know this. Soon, Alison started the shower, shortly after we found ourselves undressing. We revealed our bodies, just like we would a secret. Slowly. Both of us were pleased now that the awkwardness was gone. We both washed our hair and bodies, as the water grew cold. We talked about random things, along with a kiss here and there. We found ourselves smiling at eachother often. Now, Alison and I are happy with the fact that neither of us would mind if one of us happened to randomly strip. We both are comfortable with one anothers body. Either it be clothed, half clothed, or naked. After the shower, we finished our movie, then later, Alison took a short nap while we waited for her father to return home with pizza and the trampoline. After he came home, and we ate, we both were sad with the fact that we had to leave soon to take me home. But, we took advantage of time, and slowly got ready. On the ride home, not many words were said. But I knew nothing was wrong between us. When we arrived at my house, I got out, grabbed my bag from the back seat, kissed mon amour, then headed inside. Shortly after I walked through the door, I sat down with my mom and told her about everything. She took it better than I thought. She still doesn't get how I am bisexual, and she blames everything that is "wrong" with me, on my past trauma. But I don't care. I know who I am, and I love who I am. Whether she accepts me or not, I don't care. But it would be better if she did. Like wise Abraham Lincoln said.. "A house devided against itself cannot stand"


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  1. ancientgeekcrone 10 years ago

    What will be will be.

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