Hello ladies and gentlemen. I am here to talk about a subject; that is very taboo, I have some very strong opinions on and some of you will agree with them and some of you will disagree and that is alright. I am going to be talking about end of life decisions that I think all of us should make. There is a movie that was put out by HBO called” You Don’t Know Jack” about Jack Kevorkian; who some of you will remember has been called Dr. Death. This reminded me of something that I think all of us should pay attention to. That is talking with our doctors and, especially, our families, about how we want our lives to be if, by some chance, we are not able to say for ourselves. We must have this talk because if we do not no one will know what our wishes will be if that happens. I am not advocating doctor assisted suicide, but by that same token I think we should have the right, if we are in our right minds and know there is nothing that can be done or we have done all we can do to prolong our life or cure whatever disease we have, to end our lives with dignity. I do not force these issues upon others or my opinion because that is wrong, but I think this is a debate that needs to be brought out. I know the Christian bible says that suicide is a sin, as for other religions I have no idea, but I think it should be up to an individual to say when they have had enough and be granted the right to end their life, if they so choose so. By the same token if the individual wants to be kept alive by machines that is their right, too, and I would support that if that is their wishes. All I am saying is that we should understand that at some point in or lives, no matter how young or old you are, we need to have this discussion about they end of our lives and how we want things to be done. There are still to many people, in my opinion, who are afraid to broach the subject; not only to their families but to themselves, too. We need to be not afraid of death as so many of us seem to be, but to look at is as a part of life that will come to us all, eventually. We all wish to live full lives, but the fact is that not all of us will have that chance for some reason or another. All I can ask of you dear reader is that you have this discussion with your family at the very least and let your wishes be known to them and if you have to have either a Living Will or a a DNR (Do Nor Resuscitate), or both, made up so that your wishes are in some form of a legal document, too. I have talked with my family and had both of these documents made for myself. All I can ask is that you at least give some thought to what I have said. I wish I could have watched the HBO movie about Dr. Kevorkian, but alas I do not have a TV or cable here at this time. I hope this has at least made you think about your own life and what you need to do so that no one has to go through trying to guess as to what you would want them to do if something, God forbid, happens to you and you cannot speak on your own behalf.


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