Well I keep having these crazy dreams.I had a bunch of dreams last night.Well let me start off with the first one.I had a dream that I was at an old friends house.Well,my sister was really young and there was 2 other young girls in the dream.They were all playing barbies and I happened to say a curse word because they had dumped everything out of my purse and I remember in the dream I kept repeatedly trying to find the items in my purse but could not because these girls had barbies all over the floor.Also,I could not find my purse, so in turn,I was going to "borrow"my friends purse.Well, in the next room, there was a guy talking to my friends dad.At first, he was sitting in a chair, then he was in a hospital bed,receiving blood transfusions.Before I knew it,I was also receiving blood transfusions,and in the dream I remember I had to change the bags myself.Well I went over to this guys bed and began "hitting"on him.Well I told him to hold on because I realized in the dream I had only a shirt and my underwear on.So I grabbed a blanket and threw that around my waist.I asked him if he was single, if I could have his number,well he said no because he could not give out this information.Next thing I know mom walks in the room, and it is really weird, because in the dream she has a baby,which is actually my sisters baby in real life.Well she tells me we have to go and leave this guy alone.So I leave telling this guy goodbye and telling him I really like him.Well I step outside, and mom asks me if I used the internet at my friends house.I make a comment and say no.Then I say "I cannot wait  to get home so I can use my own internet"Then I say"All mom wants to do is bitch, bitch, bitch."Another girl hears my comment and says"thats a great pickup line"which makes absolutely NO SENSE.well we are all on a swingset for some reason.The guy who was in the hospital bed with the blood transfusion is fine now.Hes sitting across me and we are swinging on a kids swingset.Well another dream comes to mind.well this was about my grandma.I think this dream is telling me something.well we are all at church.I am sitting in chairs beside my cousin, aunt, and uncle.I realize my other cousin is not there.I wonder where he is at.So my cousin stands up with his mother and father,and makes the comment"I have no friends at church"Then the pastor in turn says"You have more friends then you know,Im always seeing you hanging out with someone"Then I turn around,and my grandma is setting beside a bunch of black women, but some look mixed.Theres one black woman who keeps yelling out into the crowd and saying stuff.Supposedly, by the comments she is making,me,my cousin,my aunt,my uncle, and my grandma are all related to her and her other guests, which I DO not understand how.Well I make a comment to my grandma, in the dream, she looks very pretty because she is wearing makeup.Well we leave,and I tell her how I am feeling.I tell her I am feeling depressed and hopeless,and I just want some relief from it all and I want some real help.We get in the car and she tells me I need to change my thought process.Well after this,we drive around town.I notice my grandmas driving is not very good.I think"Maybe it is just because she is old"Well we keep driving and she keeps almost crashing into buildings and going in circles.I keep seeing food, like ice cream and I notice bags of chips being left out in vending machines.I tell grandma to get me some ice cream and stop and get the chips.But when she does, there is another car in front of her already getting the chips.Well we stop and eat.I think it is an outside restaurant.Well grandma wants eggs or something like that.Well in the dream, all the food comes out of machines.So, she tells me what she wants and I hit the button on the machine.I cannot see the buttons very well because they are all covered in food.I start feeling like I am going to faint.I tell grandma to get her food herself,Im going to get my own food.Well I go to the salad machine,lo and behold there are no clean plates.I go to the front desk and tell the manager there are no clean plates.She gets snappy with me and says"well guess you cannot have any salad then"or something to that extreme.I find another lady, who is cleaning.I ask her where the plates are.She says I am going to have to use paper plates.Well something about this does NOT set right with me.I in turn call this woman a bitch and slap her in the face.Then I wonder"Am I going to get charges pressed against me?"I immediately think to myself"I have to find grandma and get the hell out of this restaurant, I am on the run from the police, in case this woman presses charges against me!"Well thats the end of my dream sorry so long!

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  1. southernwillow 14 years ago

     Well If this is really a dream  and not a short story  LOL…I have to say upon reading the whole thing  I say that You have alot going on in  your life? lost loved ones and decisions you need to make also you are very insecure and not sure of yourself…There also seems to be alot of  obstacles in ur way or you are afraid of some peoples reactions to your  choices …Tell me if Im crazy or did I pin it down?  take care i was thinkin of posting a dream myself I have alotta weird dreams …I know how they are …HUGS

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