Been an interesting day weather-wise. Woke up this morning to pouring rain again and was NOT pleased. But then all of a sudden it was over with ~ and suddenly we found ourselves getting ready to go to the beach.

After the drive over we met up with our friends and hung out for the afternoon. It was a nice relaxing day. Zachary learned how to boogie board today ~ I'm so proud of him! He took to it pretty quickly, and realized that he loved it. 🙂 Now we have to buy him one. He was using one of the other kids' ones.

I remembered to take some Ritalin with me (score for me!), so didn't have any real lows today. However, we got home and my mood immediately changed. I walked out onto the porch to greet my mom after we showered and got nothing but nasty attitude. I got bitchedat for being away from the house (what?!), not feeding the cat (you didn't tell me to), discussing the fact that we're cooking ribs AND steak so thatAaron has to bring lunch with him this week (which is apparently wrong), and then pissed at because wehad to make a quick trip to my work to pick up Aaron's prescription and drop of my availability for the week (excuse me!). NOW I'm in a foul mood. I feel like I've been ambushed for breathing! God I can't wait until we move into our own place! That thought, that dream, is what keeps me sane most of the time.

Right now I'm watching a thunderstorm rollin from theeast and enjoying the sounds of it. Pretty soon itwill start to rain again and then I will be able tonap (hopefully) to the sound of it against the windows and the roof. It'sone of my favorite timesto sleep.

Hopefully Momwill take a nap and wake up in a better mood. I'm sick of dealingwith theconstant consternation and aggravation that comes from her about whateverit is we do or don't do. How many times do I have to remind her that we're adults?! She probably just had along, hard day at work ~ but I don't come home and take peoples' heads off when that happens. I guess she feels it's her right since it's her house. Whatever.

I turned in my availability, like I said, and I'mpraying that I get at least 8 hours this week. This is ridiculous ~I might as well not have a job! Still scouting outnew places to apply at ina couple of weeks; have afew possible leads. I'm justgoing to applyeverywhere I can andsee who calls first really. If the leads help me, then great! If not, I've covered myself with many other opportunities. I really don't want to have to drive to another town, but that really looks like what my choices are. There's nothingaround here, other than the store that I work at andSubway.

I hope the rest of the evening goesmuch smoother than the last hour or so has. Otherwise it's going to be a rough night. Oh, and my husband got called in to work the midnight shift tonight, so he'll be working a double. We need the money though, so I won't complain. $200 extra is always a welcome gift.

Speaking of my husband, he's going to turn 33 on Thursday. I'm still trying to decide what to buy him for his birthday, but Iknow he's got his eye on this watch at Sears, and it's only $26.00, so thatwill probably be his giftif it's still there.I can't buy it until Friday, but we're not going to celebrate his birthday until this weekend.

All of us are going toLEGOLAND nextweek on Wednesday ~ but we're not telling Zach. It's going to bea surprise from Grandma.I really hope he enjoys it. I think he will. He'sbeen wanting to go for over a year and we just couldn't afford the tickets.

So that's it from here. I'm looking forward to tomorrow because it will be our day to chill out, just Zachary and I, and to relax and maybe go to the library or something inexpensive. The point iswe'll have a break from my Mom.

Hope everyone had a decent weekend. Loveya'll.

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  1. Andie372 10 years ago

    Sorry about the constant friction. With Mom. If I had ever had to live with my Mom, it would have been similar. The older she got, the grouchiest and just plain mean she got. I pray I don't get like that. Naaahh I'm too sweet, lol.

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