Sittin' here thinking 'bout back when
Everybody I knew, was my best friend
cocaine, running all round my brain

It was you take Sally, and I'll take Sue
and if you let me see your coke, I'll take Sally too
cocaine, running all round my brain
Uh-hu mama, ain't it strange
How a mind can turn, and a life can change
Cocaine, runnin' all round my brain

There was damage to the body
Damage to the soul
Damage to the quality of the Rock n' Roll
And the years spent stumbling around
half knowing something that something was wrong

And it don't help now, but you can look back and see
how some of us damaged are creativity
And there are good friends of mine that are dead and gone

uhhuh, mmmhmmm, cocaine

Now I ain't saying, it wasn't fun at the time
Staying up for days on end, crazed out of my mind
Waking up in strange places
feeling like the army had marched across my tongue

And look at me now, sharp as a tack
Except for a few billion brain cells
I wouldn't mind having back

Now you take Nancy, and I'll take Ron
No telling what kinds of drugs those two are on
Inner city ghetto children, going down slow
Ron and Nancy wanna tell them
you can Just Say No
Then they cancel the school lunch program,
buy a few more tanks
Uh huh, come here quick
The hypocrisy, bout to make me sick

Well ya finally get so tired, of walking around
looking and feeling like shit
You decide Today is the day is the day I quit
Till a little later in the evening
You start thinking about…Whatcha gonna do?

But I wouldn't have been a user, even one more day
If you could have shown me how I was helping
turn a profit for the CIA
Cocaine, runnin' all round my brain

Jackson Browne.


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  1. michaelcali 13 years ago

    It is such a miserable cycle…Thanks for sharing …Mike!

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