Many of us on here suffer from many different disorders and different kids of depression and anxiety. I have/had PTSD, GAD, and dysthymia depression. I have made HUGE mistakes and I have made miracles. Buty every day is a new day.

Alot of us think we are weak or useless or will never be smart enough to reach our goals. But we are wrong we are much more than that. We are people with chances. A chance to go out and be something better or different than we were yesterday. If you have depression and you stay inside all the time but you went outside today for some reason…you were stronger than you depression at the moment and that is success. Small steps and achievements count. If you have a social anxiety and you went out of your way while walking down the street to look at someone and smile and say hello…you were stronger than your anxiety and you never know you couldve brightened someones day. you never know how big those small steps can be. Dont give up.

Yes we all have our relapse days, weeks, or even months. Doesnt matter. You don't have to be defined by what we feel makes us outcasts. We are still people with feelings and the capability to make of ourselves whatever we want.

I see so many people on here with depression but BIG dreams and goals that they think they can never reach. Dont sell yourself short. You can do it. I'm not trying to sound like a optimistic freak just passing on some words that were passed on to me. and they are great words.

Everyone has their faults but each one of us has a greatness. Some of us know what it is while others dont. But that doesnt mean its not there.

I'm just about to start my day and I'm hoping this energy and possitive attitude lasts through the day but if not i'm guna try and make the most of it while it lasts.

  1. ancientgeekcrone 11 years ago

    Good blog. I would add one hat works for me. Each night before to go to sleep, I say aloud (for my ears to pick up and deliver to my subconscious) I give myself permission to have a good day. Talking to ones subconscious delivers more positive results than the conscious mind.

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  2. JA 11 years ago

    those are some realy nice things you said….please keep this on your personal website….i would like to reference it to people when they dont understand what depression is about. not people here but people i know personaly. they dont we reaize we  have our off  days and good days.. they dont realize it because there not depressed or have problems with depression.

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  3. fallen_paradise 11 years ago

    Very well said 🙂 A friend of mine on DT recently made me realize that coming on DT doesn't always have to be about depression – it can be about recovery, friendships & optimism.

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