Some people come and go awaySharing smiles and laughter, each and every dayLike a dream, that never endsThey're always loved by many friendsNo one on this earth, can take their placeThey carried themselves with honour and graceWe don't know why you left so fastThe Lord was calling you, home at lastThere were many hopes that miracles would beLife unfortunately did not agreeWishing we could be with you again once moreBut God decided to take you far from shoreI guess we're being selfish for wanting you hereGod needed you more, way up thereToday is painful, today is sadWe met for only a short time, but for that I'm gladYour memories are with us and will always be trueEspecially the love we all shared for youSo we tell ourselves todayThat God needed you moreSo he took you to HeavenThat's why your not with us anymore


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