Anxiety has been something I have had to deal with most of my life. It really started to get bad when I was in the fifth grade. All through out junior high and high school I battled with it off and on. I’ve done little things of therapy but not that much. I always just felt like I had to do it all on my own. Personally I think I’ve done a good job of handling it on my own but I will say sometimes it get to be to much. Recently I moved into college which is three hours away from my hometown. that’s hard for anyone to handle. Put anxiety on top of that and I don’t think it could get any harder. I’ve been struggling pretty hard the past three weeks but I’ve been getting through. Some days I feel great; other days I feel like I could have a mental breakdown. I always have had fears of things I cant control which sometimes can be more frustrating cause sometimes I would rather worry about school work or making friends because at least there’s something I can do to help those. Its hard cause people will say to you well theres nothing you can do about it anyway so why worry about it. but that’s the issue I want to be able to control it I don’t like to think that I don’t have power over something. I have to remind myself that I do have power over them. I fear things I can’t control but the truth is I control the fear. I’m the reason I’m scared. sure fighting with your own brain is harder then actually getting in a physical fight with someone. I guess it’s just very ironic that what I fear most is things I cant control but the only reason I’m scared is because I don’t believe that I myself do have some control over these things. believing in yourself is hard. It’s hard for any person but when you also already have a mental illness. So like everyone I know I need to remember that I’m so much stronger then I think I am. Here’s the thing like everything in life you don’t always have control over the things that happen to you but you do have control over the way you choice to handle it.


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