Okay  so this is my first blog ever, I guess that’s a statement of how desperate I am beginning to feel.  I am anemic and no matter what I do I can’t seem to maintain my iron levels so that I can feel rested.  I get enough sleep, probably to much and yet I am always sooooo tired.  The ocd wears on my mind so much it hurts.  I have issues with germs and cleanliness.  I need things to be were I left them in the exact way.  I can spend 20 minutes rearranging the kitchen cupboard because when I went to get the honey it wasn’t where I wanted it.  Normally this is managable as my family is very good about most things, but a new person to the house has added confusion.  I am tring so hard but he has been here a week and in some ways I can feel I am losing it.  It was okay at first.  I think it changed when he ate my leftover calzone I had in the fridge.  Just the thought of someone eating the balance of another persons takeout was weird to me.  Doesn’t he get that I touched that food?  I had taken a piece and was enjoing it when he came out of his room and commented on how good it was.  I went in the bathroom and threw up.  He touched my food!!!  I want my food to be safe, now it’s questionable.  I probably am being unreasonable, but I am beginning to question his being here as a good thing or not.  I need a safety zone in my home and he is treading lightly around my edges and making me feel so tense.

  1. buffster 13 years ago

    \..there’s an old saying which goes “houseguests are like fresh fish..after three days..they start 2 stink”..I don’t know the circumstances by which this individual ‘is living in your household..however in any case the fact remains..he is violating a code of rules & conduct by which your home is run *unwittingly or not* & needs to be spoken to by whoever is appropriate to readjust his behavior to your lifestyle..I wouldn’t worry too much about hurting ‘his feelings as he is obviously not 2 concerned about yours..your home is your castle hun..& when unruly guests disrupt its sanctity..well..its generally not whoever lives there that needs to go..good luck with this one..\

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  2. jaderose 13 years ago

    Thanks Buffster for the support, now I just have to iron things out, easier said than done.  I feel my feelings are real now and not that it’s just the ocd talking.  Thanks for helping me feel validated.

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