I made some big changes in my life.

I switched my major from electrical engineering to environmental engineering. With that comes totally new people in my class. Usually with engineering classes, you’re with the same people until you graduate, unless they switch programs or fail. So for me, that’s a huge thing because I’m more of an extrovert, so when I don’t talk to people, I feel alone, which is never a good feeling.

I also decided to live in residence again, which was another big jump. I wanted to move into rez because you see more people and like I said, I need people around so I don’t feel alone. Most of the people here are upper year students though, so they already have their friends. I have my own too, but they live across campus or off campus, so they’re not a close.

Right now, I have that feeling of being alone. And it kind of sucks. It makes me want to go back home. I do realize though that it’s only been the first week of school, so I need time to adjust. The first few weeks are always the hardest.

I sort of just wanted to get that off my chest because I was going into that panic mode where I just wanted to go home and that I didn’t want to be here, but I stopped and had to think why I was feeling this way. Usually I just go for the feelings and let them take control of me, but this time I tried to figure out why this was happening and it makes me feel better.

I think I’m starting to get the hang of this. I can’t just let feelings take over. I have to understand them and figure out why I am feeling that certain way. All of a sudden I’m feeling a lot better.

I am so thankful for this website and community! It’s so great to share with people who understand. And it makes me want to release my emotions and evaluate them I guess. Usually I suppress feelings and push them out of my mind. Actually dealing with them in the moment helps a lot. Thanks!!!


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