His ex-wife makes me so mad sometimes!! See, she is having surgery in 2 weeks and she expects us to drop our jobs and my kids just to run 60 miles a day to get the twins back and forth to school.  We told her there is no way.  First of all, we can just drop our jobs just cuz she wants us to.  Second gas is to high! $3.59 a gallon.  Her and my husband got into it big time last night. She said fine if yall wont help me I will report you to child support office and you just wont see the twins anymore. Well I am one step ahead of her, I called them today and told them the situation. They told me as long as he is pay his child support, carrying medical insurance on the boys, and excercising his visitation on every other weekend then she cant do crap.  Well today she texted me and started again.  Finally I just told her that we cant do it unlike her we don have the luxury to sit on our butts and live off of the government.  She said fine then we will play by the rules and go by the papers.  I told her that gas was only 99 cents a gallon 8 years ago and she agreed no matter what to meet us halfway at walmart in a town that is halfway for her and us.  She said no I said ok then you can talk to mike but he will tell you the same thing halfway is what was agreed and that was the end of it!!! She finally backed down and said ok.  She make me so sick, but I think that I stood my ground and I wasnt going to back down if she has a problem with it she can call whomever she wants.  She cant take him back to court cuz the judge will laugh her out.  That is part of the reason I believe that I have a problem with my meds I dont know I am going to make an appt. to my doctor and talk to him and see what he says.  Do yall ever have someone that crawls under your skin and you just want to scream.  That is what she does to me.  I know that I am not the parent here and I shouldnt deal with it, but I had enough of the crap she was dishing out to my husband and I made it my business.  I just had enough of her and just snapped.  It was best on her cuz if it was anyone else who I loved dearly I would regret it and now that I said my peace I dont regret it.


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