For as long as I can remember, the American public has regarded "fat" people as "ugly". Anyone remember when Britney Spears performed in black panties and a bra a few years back?


She was "fat and ugly" because she wasn't like this anymore:


Britney wasn't fat. It was a bad wardrobe choice, IMO, but she wasn't fat.

It's that kind of mentality that taught me over the years that you have to be perfectly skinny to be considered "pretty". Most of the "hottest" actresses today are pin thin barbies. Almost nothing is said about this except for the usual "OMG SHE'S SO HAWT" comments followed by your typical sexual innuendos.

But when a show like Huge comes out on ABC Family, the fur really flies. Everyone is infuriated that someone dared to create a show about overweight/obese girls. A lot of people are yelling about how unhealthy it is when I'd really like to know how being obsessed with your weight to an extreme extent is healthy as long as you are skinny.

I'd also like to know how healthy it is to pressure people like that until they give up and begin puking or just stop eating entirely. A lot of things in life aren't healthy and yet the one that causes the most rage isn't random sex, anorexia, smoking, obsessive sun tanning, etc.. It's being overweight/obese.

Because let's face the facts — these people just don't want to see heavy girls. They aren't concerned, they are disgusted thus the rage.

I find such people far more disgusting than the cast of Huge, though. Keep in mind that I don't think it's good to be overweight or obese. I'm just not enraged by "fat" people. I'm far angrier at all the people mouthing off about a show they hadn't even seen yet simply because it featured bigger actors and actresses. Way to judge a book by its cover.

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  1. Bchemist4life 11 years ago

    I actually watched HUGE, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. If your into watching films like that, look for Disfigured. It's a sundance film/documentary. Its pretty good, but I warn you there is some nudity in the beginining.

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