In my down time for the past few weeks I've been doing research on my family history. Nothing too far back, just to my grandparents. I know stories about both sides of my family; mainly my mom's side, but I've been trying to find out more. Right now I'm looking up my grandpa's brother; my Tio Maito. I'm particulary interested in one event because my family has a habit of skiping things in their lives that they feel are unimportant to other people, or that are sensitive. Like how my family came to America; the stories differ from person to person, one story is that they were refugees, another is that they came here illegally on a raft, another is that they were sent for from some family members already here in America, there's no one story, and the thing is, these are my grandparents that came here, it's not like it was 100 years ago or anything. Both of my grandparents on my mom's side are still alive, kicking and fully aware of everything around them…their english has gotten worse over the years, but that's it, they're both still as quick as a whip.

The thing is, my family is very secretive when it comes to things that happened to them before they came to America. I'm mainly interested right now in my Tio Maito because I know that I can research him. His name is Mario Pelaez, he was involved with the Watergate scandal or something with Nixon. All I know is that he was locked up somewhere bad when he didn't do anything and it was because someone high in the government lied. He never talks about what happened there or why he was put there, just that "the government wronged him". If anyone asks him where he was even sent he gets quiet and ignores the question. I never learned about Watergate in school, and I've been researching it on the internet but so far all I've gotten is that it uncovered that Nixon and many politics close to him were abusing their power and lieing and covering it up and Nixon and his vice president resigned.

I know that my mom's side of the family is against communism and my grandparents met because my grandma was hiding the gorilla fighters in her barn and over the course of a few months she fell for my grandpa and went with him when he left. I know that ALOT of family memebers died because they were against the government, but that's it. No names, no stories, no numbers, nothing.

I mainly just want to know what specifically is the watergate scandal and what people got locked up for and where they were sent. Anyone know what the watergate scandal is or anything?


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