I am so furious with all the bullshit. I go to a boarding school- all girls school (no boys). And the kind of girls here are so hypocritical and stuck up snobby. I have one friend here, Grace. Her and I were down in the common room watching criminal minds. About 7 other girls (who think they are top shit and more important then everybody else) came down wanting to watch big brother. So no, Grace and I didn't change it to big brother as we were there first watching criminal minds. They decide to stay down there and laugh and scream and talk so loudly that Grace and I couldn't even really hear what was going on on the TV. We asked them to be quieter more then twice but they kept going. So we gave them the remote and left, didn't even say thank you- i just got dirty looks. So i went to bed, and wake up this morning to one of the girls that was being rude last night singing the lion king (the circle of life start) off a balcony waking the whole of year 12 up at 7am. Was so disrespectful and i was so angry because i hate waking up early and i can't get through the day if i do. Then i tried to sleep into when i usually wake up which is 8:30 however the same girl and a few others were screaming and laughing right outside our door. I'm so fed up with them because if it was the other way around they would be so mad at us. They're the biggest hypocrites and i cannot wait to leave this fucking school. The girls here are so inconsiderate of others and don't care about anybody else but themselves. They are all two faced and its just bullshit. Only two more days. I don't care- that's not an excuse to start running a muck and disturbing other girls. Your meant to as a year group not individually but these girls don't know the meaning of a team. They're so immature i fucking hate being here and putting up with them. Can't wait until i graduate!!!!! I'm never sending my kids to this school.

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  1. NotShakespeare 7 years ago

    I think you're having a nice attitude about this. These girl's lack of maturity is no reason for you to be immature as well and i think you get it. I remember how tough it was in high school… lol
    Thank God everything gets better when you get to college, so hang in there. It gets really better 🙂

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