This current holliday season hasn't been going well for me. Some of the problems are small, such as not being able to put the tree up again this year. Others are…. well, lets jsut say I wasn't happy to see that someone had gotten my checking account information and had taken $1,000 out. That's roughly more than 2/3 of all the money I've got.

My "best friend" is currently mad at me due to our extremely close wedding dates, and that she approved of me wearing the bride's maid costume to SCA events (but is upset at me about it because she insisted she had a hard time saying no). Incidently, the costume fell apart the first time I tried to wear it. Scadians (SCA members) are good at reparing things so someone did me the biggest favor and repaired it. My friend still states that she would have rather it fell apart durring her wedding.

I've got a coworker who's getting away with slacking off at work a good hour to two per day. Her direct manager refuses to talk to her about her behavior, and our publisher wants to be "everybody's buddy" so won't do anything either.

My fiance is leaving for the holidays to visit his family. I won't be able to go with due to being "too important" at work to be gone for that week. Which irritates me because my manager refuses to learn how to do some of my work (she even refuses to learn how to refil the label printer). This will be his last family visit before we get married which means I will be marrying a man without having met his family. more so, he'll be leaving the 20th, which is the day before my birthday, so both Birthday and Christmas will be jsut me and the cats.

I was supposed to go for a fitting of my wedding dress on the 19th. However the wonderful lady who is working on it had some complications with her surgery last week and hasn't been able to make any forward progress on the dress. She won't have it ready for a fitting on the 19th, so we're postponing it until January some time. Though some good news: it wasn't cancer.

Another wonderful lady is making a sideless surcoat for me out of cloth I had purchased. Originally she was almost done the last week of November, however it was not finished for the event on Dec 6th. Neither are new repairs on the bride'smaid dress, but at this point the guilt is keeping me from wearing that one anyway. I should be getting the surcoat come Wednesday, however, with my money now all gone I won't be able to pay her.

Also, with my money gone, I can't purchase my fiance's Christmas present until the bank fixes it. He really wanted a sweing machine too. I'm not kidding. He has really gotten into the SCA stuff a whole lot more than I have. I'm very proud of him too. So I guess that's why I feel bad that his present — that I know he'll use — will now be delayed. Canceled if thigns aren't solved with the bank.


Also found a lump jsut under my tummy that is sometimes there, sometimes not.  I wanted to go in about it, but now I have to wait due to money needed for the appointment.  My fiance suspects it's a small hernia and that if it's not getting bigger, and not affecting an organ, it's fine.  I feel a little uneasy about it though.


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