So, it's Monday morning and Im ok but for some reason I dont feel great about my week or brimming over with enthusiasm and exitement for what will be happening the next few days. Ok is something anyway. I was wondering if there are any people on here who live in Somerset, England. In a way, untill I get more friends or a parner here even if I get a job and go out to do things I will still return home alone so I do wonder what the point is when that comparison will be there. People do say its good to work though. Well its only good for the worker if its a satisfying job and it pays enough. The work ethic is a myth to some extent. Why not engineer society so we dont all have to be working, as wealth will be distributed properly and those who choose to work will be rewarded enough. Politicians are always talking about full employment. Why dont they want people with time on their hands? Maybe because they will question the government too much. They say they want to put an end for the something for nothing society and newspapers sometimes call unemployed people work shy, as if it isnt hard enough already to be unemployed. If i try to rent a property on benefits, mostly the landlord dont want people without a job. The strange thing is that the benefit system helps to keep the rents higher by paying housing benefit at at least a lower level equivalent market rent. There is no community centre in the town near me. They have talked about building a town hall thought . So there isnt a dedicated place where local people can meet each other. it is usually involving the spending of money in cafes or pubs to meet people as in most places. For the lonely there is always the supermarket just to have some human contact. If you live in a bigger place you can go to the shopping centre or shopping mall as you like to call it in USA.


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