I've been taking 5 HTP for two weeks now and I've noticed quite a difference.

I had an interview today and all the travel time and waiting around, anticipating what would happen, was somehow lessened that it was when i went for one two weeks ago – not in the expected way of 'Now I knew what to expect it was as scary', because I don't work like that and this was a brand new situation, new interviewer, new place – way more was expected of me, i felt I had to perform and sell myself this time around.

I feel as though, as weird as it may sound, when I tried to focus on a worry it just fades away as soon as I think about it. Like theres something blocking it.

Last night I was actually more worried about the fact that I wasn't worried… was strange and I can only put it down to the 5 htp…. because it wasn't like a normal confident feeling, my emotions just felt a bit surpressed, like they were hovering in the furthest part of my mind, not wanting to bother me too much.

I've decided, however, after a month of taking them I'm going to take about 2 or 3 weeks off purely to give my brain a rest, I've read up quite a lot about this stuff and theres so much speculation about the effects of long term use, so I think it'd be in my best interest.

Just thought I'd share this with everyone to let you know how I've found it. I must say, although I feel partly removed from my emotions I'm enjoying the break from constant worry and feeling like every thing I do is going to be judged. I feel more in the happy times as well, like an elevation of carefree-ness. I just hope, really, that it continues.

One negative set back I might note is that I've been having more headaches lately, but I can't really connect this until I stop taking them as theres lots of factors which could be causing them (the weather being very hot and then cold over here messes with my head for example).

Anyways, if anyone wants to share their experiences I'd love to hear from you.

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  1. jennykwiterovich 10 years ago

    What is 5 HTP…Jenny?

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