Do people always keep telling you that "Hey thats life"  but when does it not feel like I wake up do my job go home and sleep and do it again and again. If you ever seen the movie the groundhog day you would understand. Dont get me wrong I have a wonderful fiance that I love dearly but I feel I dont truly have a meaning besides paying bills and worrying about how to pay bills and how can I get to a better place where I can enjoy life.

Have you ever looked around at people walking down the street? Its sad you can tell the rich by there car and house and how beautiful the flowers are in there yard and the fancy clothes. Then you look at the people who they hired or rent to. People like me who try and try so hard to get ahead but these greedy bastards sit there and take everything that we have. The world is full of greed and I dont want anything more I\'m ok being poor but I would like if things could be equal. But as people tell me "Hey thats life"

As I wonder through my grandparents old pictures I realize how life was much more simple back then. People were happy to have family and little things where there was much greed. They made there own clothes (no need for designers to have us pay $60 for a damn tank top) they didnt go out to eat or have alot of fancy cars, just a simply horse and buggy to get to and from (no gas companies rapeing us blind) where a neighbors would help you out if you were in need and have no worries how you would pay them back. Its something that I wish now this generation could bring back to the table. I am a 23 year old woman feeling like I\'m 40 already just by the greed of others wanting more and more where you 40 hours a week and thats not even enough to fill the greedy peoples pockets.

I today and starting something that I hope people can follow where maybe depression ans anxiety wont be as much of a concern because I wont have greed in my heart. I will only get want I need and not dream of something else that isnt within my reach. I want to be as simply as it use to be were happiness just happened instead of being forced to believe that happiness comes with fancy things.

If you feel the same please pass it on maybe we can make a small difference.


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